2015 Q4 Global Talent Market Quarterly

2015 Q4 Global Talent Market Quarterly

The global economy remains stuck in low gear, with only a modest acceleration expected in the short term. Factors driving the sluggishness include low commodity prices, the slowdown in China’s economy, financial market volatility, and geopolitical tensions.



Still the strongest region, APAC growth is expected to dip in 2015 as the Chinese slowdown inhibits export demand and the weakness in commodity prices also dampens many economic outlooks. A slight uptick is expected in 2016



While the economic picture in the U.S. and Mexico is somewhat positive, Canada faces lower growth due to falling oil prices. South America is also seeing tremendous negative effects from the drop in commodity prices, along with political issues.



The Eurozone economy is projected to see its gradual recovery strengthen in the short term. In Russia and the Middle East, however, growth is threatened by the drop in oil prices and political/ military instability.

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2015 Q4 Global Talent Market Quarterly