2015 Q3 Global Talent Market Quarterly

2015 Q3 Global Talent Market Quarterly

Despite recoveries in the Eurozone and Japan, and healthy growth in the U.S., global GDP growth is expected to be somewhat constrained in 2015 as the Chinese economy continues to cool down and several large emerging markets are in recession.



Although GDP growth in the APAC region is expected to remain at 4.7% in 2015, this stability masks some variation among key markets. India and Japan are projected to strengthen, while economies are slowing in China and Australia.



Modest growth is expected in North America in 2015—although Canadian GDP growth will be somewhat subdued. Large South American countries (Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina) are battling recessionary conditions.



Eurozone economies are gaining momentum and the U.K. is a bright spot, but the severe crisis in Russia, and political, military, and economic issues in the Middle East are restraining regional growth.

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2015 Q3 Global Talent Market Quarterly