Kelly Services wins CCH China STAFF Award


Kelly Services wins CCH China STAFF “Outsourcing Firm of the Year” Award

Kelly Services won the 13th China STAFF Awards “2010 Outsourcing Firm of the Year”, as well as being nominated for “2010 Recruitment Firm of the Year”.

As the most prestigious award in China’s HR field, the China STAFF Award is hailed as the “Oscar in HR field”. The award is organized annually by China Staff Magazine, a bilingual journal under Wolters Klumer Business Group which has over 100 years of experience in publication. The award aims to recognize the most excellent performer and service provider in the HR field. Each award is selected by independent judges after several rounds of meticulous selection processes and strict criteria. The 2010 panel of judges comprised several senior HR directors from Novartis Phama, Oracle, Sino-Ocean Land Limited, Beijing Eagle Real Estate Holdings and other famous groups.

Kelly Services received the award because it was “considered one of the most trustworthy partners by over 90% of Fortune 500 Companies and many leading Chinese companies.” It also “made an outstanding contribution in cost saving, efficiency improvement, employee satisfaction strengthening and HR functional strategy utilizing its global resources and bountiful industry experience.”  

Ms Clara Chen, Kelly Services Outsourcing and Consulting Group China Operations Manager, stated at the award ceremony, “in the stably developing economy of 2011, challenges from the talent market will be more fierce and complicated than in 2010. Under the circumstance of price fluctuation, more companies will attract employees at high cost, employees are more likely to change jobs and post-80s generations will be the mainstream of the job field; on one hand, HR departments will be required to confront these challenges with limited resources and on the other, they will also be affected by an ever-tiring workforce. To support rapid business growth, an increasing number of companies are considering methods of raising service efficiency by outsourcing, attracting and retaining mid-senior level talents. According to the latest Kelly Services 2010 HR Outsourcing Report, global outsourcing requirements increased by 30% in 2010 with China witnessing an even greater rate of increase than other countries. The 2010 outsourcing needs by industry are as follows, with the highest need being 55%, that of the IT industry.




Recruitment is by far the biggest area for outsourcing. Of those firms outsourcing all or part of their HR function, 67% outsource recruitment. The other main areas of outsourcing are payroll (42%) and training (24%).


The expectations of outsourcing are diverse, mainly focused on time saving (42%) and cost saving (35%).


Of those organizations using recruitment outsourcing, nearly all (93%) make use of sourcing, screening and testing services, with half (52%) also requiring reference checking.


Ms Chen Xiaoming said, “At present, many companies are doing this for the purpose of reducing costs and improving efficiency in a short period. But even so, they have not truly realized the real meaning of HR outsourcing. Statistics show that familiarity with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in Asia Pacific is 56%, lower than in the Americas (66%) and EMEA (67%). In fact, HR outsourcing is a profound change in management mode. HR outsourcing can help companies to improve levels of compliance, global synchronization, standardization and talent competence. These factors will play active roles in improving organizational capability, which for companies is absolutely crucial.