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Career Resources offers you career tips and tools to enable you to put your best foot forward and land your ideal job.

Taking Your Career Forward Guide 

- Can you write an effective cover letter?

- What questions should you ask in an interview?

- Are you making the most of every networking opportunity?   

Regardless of what stage your career is in, mistakes can happen when you are job-searching. At Kelly, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and make the most of your career search.

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Topics include:

  • Networking
  • Understanding the recruiter consultant relationship
  • Effective résumés and cover letters
  • Interviewing and following up
  • Exiting your job professionally
  • Handling counter-offers
  • Working with Kelly

Candidate Webinar Series - Learn from experts about the changing world of work.

Kelly's free candidate webinar series is a convenient, cost effective way to give your career an advantage. Our webinars connect you to leading workforce, safety and management experts who deliver the latest insights on topics such as HR industry trends, career tips, employee screening, training and retention and much more. Join other job seekers who take advantage of this learning opportunity.   

Personal Branding For Career Success- 30th Mar 2012
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Fast Track Your Career In 2012 - 2nd Dec 2011
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How to Find a Job Via Your Network - 13th Oct  2011 
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How to create a CV/RESUME that stands out - 11th Aug 2011
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The Perfect Job Search: 5 Must Know Secrets - 28th Apr 2011
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Kelly Services Candidate Interview Guide

The interview is an opportunity for you and the interviewer to determine if the job is right for you. It’s also your chance to sell yourself and your abilities. Preparing for the interview is critical for your success, because a good interview will improve your chances of employment, but a great interview can secure the position.

At Kelly Services, we’re dedicated to providing the resources and tools necessary for success. Because we know how important a job interview can be, we developed this guide to help you prepare. While your qualifications get you an interview, the interview gets you the job.

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Kelly Benchmark - Guide to Grammar

First impressions count, and never more so than when you are presenting yourself to a prospective employer. Writing a grammatically correct résumé and an accomplished cover letter can be just what you need to set you apart from the crowd, and win an all-important interview. Far too often, excellent candidates get overlooked because their English and grammar are just not very impressive. Make sure you're not one of them.

While we don't all need to be Shakespeare, we do need to be precise, efficient, and buttoned down with written English. Not your strong point? Don't despair, the Kelly Benchmark Guide to Grammar should help you to brush up your skills and write a résumé and letter that will get you noticed-for all the right reasons. Soon you'll be meeting the Kelly Benchmark-the perfect candidate for the ideal job.

Topics covered in this guide:
Kelly Benchmark Grammar Tip 1 - How to use apostrophes
Kelly Benchmark Grammar Tip 2 - When to use I or Me
Kelly Benchmark Grammar Tip 3 - Passive vs. active voice
Kelly Benchmark Grammar Tip 4 - Commonly misused words
Kelly Benchmark Grammar Tips Answer Key

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Best Foot Forward

Kelly's Best Foot Forward is a handy guidebook to help you understand the expectations of employers and to prepare you to be an effective job seeker with a focused approach in your jobsearch. The begining of your job search is important as it sets the tone for future interactions. The same applies to how you begin your career or new role with a new company.

In this updated edition, you will find useful checklists on writing a good resume, preparing for interviews and leaving a good impression at interviews. To prepare you for your journey, we have also included these articles for you: "Managing Stress", "During Your Job Search", Remaining Relevant In The Workplace"and "The Changing Face of Work". 

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