5 Predictions: HR & The Workplace Of The Future

5 Predictions: HR & The Workplace Of The Future

We have all read the predictions of ‘mega change’ in the workforce of the future.

We know how quickly technology has changed our world, as well as how it has radically altered the way we access (and compete for) work.

We know how rapidly and how fundamentally the global economy has shifted, and how this has affected the organizations we work for, the local economies they depend upon, and the skills we as workers now need to remain productive and employable.

Most of all, we know that few people could have predicted these changes even a decade ago.

It seems the trouble with predictions is this: even if we are able to predict what will happen, we can rarely predict how quickly those changes will occur, let alone the ancillary changes that will result, nor how we—as individuals and organizations—will respond. In fact, the one thing we do know is that organizational responses are often slower, less uniform and far more challenging to achieve, so predictions alone are often not enough to inspire us to change.

So, what should HR - the function at the nexus of change within organizations, economies and workers - do to aid with adaptation?

In this report, we look at five key changes that have already begun to occur in the workforce landscape, and provide strategic actions to aid the process of organizational transition to adapt to them.

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HR and The Workplace of The Future